Focused Healing.

Focused Healing is a top-tier consultancy that harnesses the power of hypnotherapy to help women ascend to their greatest potential. Rooted in a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, their transformative approach transcends conventional methodologies, offering a unique pathway towards personal and professional growth. Through hypnotherapy, Focused Healing empowers women to overcome challenges, unlock their inner strength, and step confidently into their next level of success.

The Objective.

Our primary goal with was a comprehensive website redesign to better reflect their unique brand and the transformative services they offer. Alongside this, we aimed to implement a membership system to foster a stronger connection with their clientele. Additionally, we worked on setting up their online store, broadening the accessibility of their resources and tools. These objectives were all directed towards creating an engaging, user-friendly digital platform that truly encapsulates the power and potential of's hypnotherapy services.

Unique problems to Solve.

Logically driven multi-step form

The implementation of a custom-coded multi-step form. This form, designed to guide users through a logical progression of questions, required careful planning and development to ensure its seamless integration and intuitive use within the website's overall design.

Optimizing content delivery

Efficient management and hosting of a wealth of content, particularly audio content. We needed to ensure the website's performance wasn't slowed down by the volume of content. Our solution was the inclusion of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to expedite the load time of their audio content, thereby maintaining a smooth and engaging user experience.

What we did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Conversion Optimization
Data Analysis
Full-Stack Development
Content Strategy
Logo Design