Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo is a world-renowned organizing expert, committed to teaching the joy-sparking philosophy of decluttering and organizing. Her transformative approach extends beyond mere tidying, encouraging individuals to reshape their relationship with their belongings. In our collaboration with Marie Kondo, we revitalized key elements of her website, including the Product Detail Page (PDP), mini cart, and search function.

The Objective.

Our primary objective was to tackle the challenge of high drop-off rates Marie Kondo was experiencing on her website. We aimed to increase conversions by enhancing the user experience after an item was placed in the cart. Focusing on redesigning the Product Detail Page (PDP), improving the checkout process, and revamping the search function, our goal was to keep users engaged, facilitate their journey, and ultimately, drive more successful transactions.

Unique problems to Solve.

Revamping the checkout process

We tackled this by gamifying the mini cart with a free shipping progress bar to encourage purchase completion.

Transforming the PDP & Search Function

Users were exiting after using the search function and facing challenges on the PDP. We improved user retention by integrating an animated, in-page search and simplifying the PDP for easier product selection.

What we did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Dev Collaboration
Conversion Optimization
Data Analysis


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