Smart Rank.

SmartRank is an innovative recruitment company redefining the way we screen job applicants. They move beyond the traditional resume-matching approach to bring objectivity and inclusivity into the hiring process. Their unique system, combining human intelligence and machine learning, streamlines the screening process and anticipates future top talent. We probably signed more NDA's than the designer of the coke recipe before working on this SaaS company's vision.

The Objective.

Our primary aim with SmartRank was to shape user flows rooted in their users' requests and habits. We set out to design the UI for new features, and rigorously tested the UX through interviews and data analysis. This objective-oriented approach was aimed at enhancing user experience and making SmartRank's innovative recruitment tools more efficient and intuitive for its users.

Unique problems to Solve.

Crafting an intuitive UX

Our challenge was to create an intuitive UX for SmartRank, ensuring users fully grasped the process and expected results. Without revealing specifics due to NDA restrictions, we focused on visual clarity and seamless interactions to help users effectively navigate and leverage the powerful features of SmartRank's system.

Balancing diverse user needs

Our task was to design a UX that catered to two distinct user types: recruiters and applicants. This involved understanding and accommodating the unique objectives and user journeys of both groups, leading to a balanced, efficient platform that could effectively serve the needs of both parties in the recruitment process.

What we did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Dev Collaboration
Project Management discussions
Conversion Optimization
Data Analysis
User Interviews


Custom Code
Headless CMS