Elliott Film Co.

Elliott Film Co is a premier video production company specializing in branding and wedding cinematography. With a unique ability to capture the essence of moments and transform them into visual narratives, they expertly create films that tell compelling stories. Their talent lies in their intuitive understanding of their clients' vision and their dedication to turning these visions into captivating reality. Whether it's bringing a brand to life or immortalizing a couple's special day, Elliott Film Co excels at creating stunning, memorable films.

The Objective.

Our objective with Elliott Film Co was to create a bifurcated website that caters to two distinct audiences: branding and wedding clients. We leveraged their rich content archives to create a visually stunning online presence, showcasing their unique talent in both sectors. This redesign aimed to provide a tailored, immersive experience for each visitor, regardless of their specific interest.

Unique problems to Solve.

Showcasing rich content

Elliott Film Co boasts a wealth of stunning visual content from their diverse portfolio. The task was to utilize this rich archive effectively within the website design, ensuring it showcased their talent, engaged visitors, and did not overwhelm or slow down the site.

Two demographics, one website

Elliott Film Co specializes in both branding and wedding videography, serving two unique audiences. The challenge was to design a single website that would cater to both sets of clients effectively, providing each with relevant content and a tailored user experience.

What we did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Web Development
Conversion Optimization
Video Compression
UX Research